The main goal of the Chamber is to promote, in harmony with the highest Inter-American interests, the rights and interests of the Shipping Agents. CIANAM represents the unity of its members and their will to mutually coordinate and collaborate for the defense of the legitimate interests of Shipping Agents and water-borne transport, as well as those of the international sea trade and the shipping port activity.

In connection with this goal, the Chamber will work to:

a) Coordinate, defend and represent in the international scene the general interests of Shipping Agents and its representative institutions.

b) Promote the development of water borne transport, port operations, and other related activities, furthering the coordination between the entities involved in the regional or international transport and trade of each of the countries.

c) Work to standardize the port and shipping procedures of each country with the internationally accepted treaties, regional regulations, and common practices.

d) Submit to the national and international legislative administrative and legal authorities, the requests and proposals deemed useful to shipping, transport, port activities, and other activities connected with the foreign trade of each country.

e) Provide the national legislative, administrative and legal authorities, all reports deemed convenient regarding the activities included in the goals of the Chamber, thus constituting an organism that will support and advise the official sector of the countries of its members.

f) Collaborate, participate and/or associate with other national, regional or international public or private organizations considered to be of interest for the goals pursued by the Chamber.

g) Compile, analyze and inform to the members rules and regulations of port and customs activities, labor and tax aspects, statistics, port infrastructure, service tariffs, dues and taxes involved in international transport of the various Latin American countries furthering the exchange between the members of the Chamber.

h) Advise the members on issues of common interest related to their activities.

i) Coordinate, upon members' request, studies and investigations on issues related to the above stated activities, and organize seminars and conferences to divulge the issues of interest for the Chamber.

j) Expedite the training of all involved in the shipping and port activities, for which ends the chamber may constitute or cooperate in the creation of institutes dedicated to these activities.

k) Favor those policies which tend to minimize the impact on the ecosystem and preserve the environment, promoting the symmetry of the standing regulations on the matter, in the members' countries.